Chihiro Iwasaki, Self-Portrait in Her Studio, from Watashi no Ehon (My Picture Book), Shin-Nihon Publishing, 1968


To Live and to Illustrate – Chihiro’s Atelier

The Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo, built on the site of Chihiro’s home, features a recreation of her studio as it appeared in 1972, bridging the 50-year gap to share what her life was like at the time. In this exhibition, we will present the house in Nerima, Tokyo, where she spent the last 22 years of her life; the apartment in Kanda, Tokyo, where she launched her career as an artist; and the Kurohime Sanso cottage that she had built in 1966 on the northern edge of Shinshu, Nagano prefecture; shedding light on how Chihiro lived and worked as an artist while also presenting her works, her words, and other materials.