At the Chihiro Art Museum Tokyo visitors can enjoy viewing the art of Chihiro Iwasaki while relaxing on her favorite sofa, which is now open to the public. Exhibitions are organized according to various themes and are rotated every two months for visitors’ enjoyment and to protect and conserve the delicate artwork. In addition to exhibitions featuring selections from the Chihiro Iwasaki Collection and International Collection, the Museum features shows of various art genres for visitors of all ages. The artist’s atelier has also been restored and now accurately conveys the appearance it assumed when Chihiro worked there. In “Chihiro’s Garden” you will be greeted by the same flowers and plants that Chihiro loved and tended to in her own garden. The Museum’s Multipurpose Exhibit Hall hosts a variety of entertaining programs and events, including workshops, lectures, movie screenings, and even music concerts.