Ishiuchi Miyako, Mother’s #3, 2000 ©Ishiuchi Miyako. Chihiro Iwasaki, Self-Portrait (circa age 30), late 1940s

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Tale of Two Women: Miyako and Chihiro

Photographer Miyako Ishiuchi began using her mother’s former name as her professional name at the age of 28, when she embarked on her photographic career. Upon learning about Chihiro Iwasaki’s life, Ishiuchi realized that it overlapped with the life of her mother, Miyako Ishiuchi, with only a two-year difference in their ages. Through this exhibit, Ishiuchi tells the tale of these two women who shared a common generation from her unique perspective. In addition to works from her Mother’s series of “portraits” showing her own mother’s clothing and possessions, Ishiuchi presents newly photographed images of Chihiro Iwasaki’s personal belongings.