Chihiro Iwasaki, The Boy and Girl Dancing, from Futari no Butokai (Dance for Two), Kodansha, 1968


Movie and Music through Chihiro’s Artwork

From a young age, Chihiro Iwasaki loved and enjoyed movies and music. After the Second World War, she moved to Tokyo, where she frequented the Toyo Cinema movie theater to watch the films of Fred Astaire and listened to his records almost every day. The movies and music that cultivated Chihiro’s sensibilities also provided her with emotional support on occasion, and would later influence her in the picture book creation process. In this exhibition, we will showcase her works from the picture book Futari no Butokai (Dance for Two), inspired by the piano music of Carl Maria von Weber, and Akai Fuusen (The Red Balloon), based on the French movie of the same name, and explore Chihiro’s picture books with a focus on movies and music.