Chihiro Iwasaki, Fairy on a Leaf, 1973


Chihiro’s Monthly Delivery: Kodomo no Shiawase (Children’s Happiness) and Kodomo no Sekai (Children’s World)

Chihiro Iwasaki, in accordance with her wish to create illustrations that colored people’s daily lives, chose the art of print as a venue for presenting her work. Along with the production of picture books, Chihiro’s work for monthly magazines and picture magazines became her mainstay. Among them, Children’s Happiness and Children’s World imposed few restrictions, allowing her to work freely and paving the way to the creation of representative works for each era. Many readers were said to have eagerly awaited the arrival of Chihiro’s illustrations every month in these magazines. In this exhibit, we will introduce pieces from the monthly magazines Children’s Happiness and Children’s World, along with developments in printing technology and the changes in Chihiro’s approach to her work.