Chihiro Iwasaki , Girl Sitting at Her Desk at Sunset , 1973


Exhibition Series:Life—The 100th Anniversary of Chihiro Iwasaki’s Birth

Children’s Room Torafu Architects

While the children of today are really no different from the children at the time that Chihiro Iwasaki was creating illustrations of them, society and the environment in which children now grow up have undergone major changes. What if there was a room where children could feel safe and relaxed? What kind of room would it be? In this exhibition, Torafu Architects, an architectural firm active in such diverse fields such as architecture, interior design and furniture, incorporated ideas from Chihiro Iwasaki’s artwork to propose a room for children that offers visitors a chance to experience the world of Chihiro Iwasaki.

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Exhibition Series: Life
In 2018, Chihiro Art Museum (Tokyo, Azumino), in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Chihiro Iwasaki’s birth, will explore a new type of exhibition in collaboration with artists active in various fields, all of whom are engaged in activities that focus on the theme of “life.” These artists are all producing new creations inspired by Chihiro Iwasaki, whose sensibilities resonate among them. Through the Museum’s collaboration with these seven artist teams, we will see the unveiling of a new Chihiro Iwasaki world.

Chihiro Iwasaki , Boy with a Crab on His Straw Hat, 1971