Yasuo Segawa From “Kiyomori - Vol.5 of Emaki Heikemonogatari”(Holp Shuppan), 1987


Yasuo Segawa Exhibition: The Story of Life

Artist Yasuo Segawa (1932–2010) depicted the origins of life in all things in nature. He incorporated art from different times and regions and made use of his exceptional technical skills in the creation of his work. Starting in 1977, he dedicated himself to portraying plant life. Upon setting his sights on shapes created by nature as his subject matter, Segawa went on to create a unique world through his distinctive mode of expression comprising densely constructed forms of lines and dots. In this exhibit, in addition to original artwork and tableaux, we will display sketches of plants and materials used in the picture book production process as we explore what the artist sought to express in each work and the source behind it.