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  • Pochi no Kita Umi (What's Fun without a Friend?, Shiko-sha)

    Pochi no Kita Umi (What's Fun without a Friend?)

    Author: Chihiro Iwasaki; Idea: Yasoo Takeichi; Shiko-sha, 1974
    This work is about a girl who visits her grandmother’s house during her summer vacation, worrying about her little puppy that is left behind. From her sadness, she cannot even bring herself to swim in the sea, and decides to write a letter to her puppy to let him know how much she misses him. This picture book overlaps with Chihiro’s own experience of not being able to take her dog Chiro on a trip. Working on the book, Chihiro drew more than 70 different scenes and selected 18 illustrations in the end, taking into account the story’s overall flow and rhythm.

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