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  • In Tashkent (Soviet Union), June, 1963

    Chihiro’s Fashion

    Chihiro had a love for fashion. During Chihiro’s early childhood, when wearing kimono was still common, Chihiro and her two sisters wore modern western-style clothing made by their mother in the sewing machine room of the Iwasaki house. As a young woman, Chihiro learned dressmaking, re-creating the clothing of the heroines in her favorite films, and designing her own clothing. In later years, she dressed herself stylishly and urged her sisters not to pigeonhole themselves into defined categories. Chihiro bought fashionable cloth and had suits and dresses made with simple but chic designs at the boutique René in Ginza. At the same time, she was bold enough to wear psychedelic tunics and pantaloons that were popular at the time.

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