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  • At Their New House, with Her Husband and Son, June, 1952

    Chihiro’s Home in Shakujii

    In the spring of 1952, Chihiro and her family moved to their new, long-cherished home. She lived and created many works there during the 22 years until her death. Chihiro once wrote: “In ten years, all the trees in this small garden have grown, and the greenery has grown thick around the house. The concrete fence of the house next door, standing a few meters away from this room, is covered with ivy, and the roots of the garden trees are covered with moss. Here I spent the tenth year of my marriage, and my only son turned nine years old. And my son's close friends around this house are also growing strong and healthy. (Omit) The ivy, climbing roses, and children; my life in this house over the past ten years is really indispensable to me."

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