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  • Pink Rabbit and Baby, 1971

    Chihiro’s Babies

    Chihiro said, “Whenever I am around a baby, I want to have the baby on my lap. I think parents naturally cannot help touching their babies. I raised my son touching him all the time. When a child grips my finger, I love the strength of their grip. Their soft, chubby hands are astonishingly powerful. One cannot draw such movements if one only observes and sketches. It is such a wonderful feeling when a child comes running energetically and flies into my arms!” It is said that Chihiro was able to distinguish between a 10-month-old and 1-year-old in her drawings without a model. Her observation and design skills were cultivated not only through compiling material for books about raising children, but also by gazing at her child as a mother and drawing him every day.

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