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  • The Museum Logo
  • Taku Satoh (graphic designer)

    The Chihiro Art Museum Logo

    (Interview with Taku Satoh, graphic designer) This symbol has been used since the establishment of the Chihiro Art Museum Azumino in 1997. One possibility was to use Chihiro’s drawing as the symbol. However, we also considered various other possibilities, as the Chihiro Art Museum was to be open to all, introducing not only Chihiro’s works, but also the world’s picture books. As a result, we decided to create an abstract and figurative symbol, taking a hint from “eyes,” one of the motifs of Chihiro’s art that is particularly striking. The symbol features a small central circle that is sandwiched and protected by semicircles above and below. This small circle represents a child reflected in an eye; it also represents the children protected by Chihiro. Children are not hemmed in this eye but are connected to the outer world on both sides. Even if children go out to play, they always have a safe place to return to. I believe that the Chihiro Art Museum is such a place.

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